Open for Nominations: #TheASNTwitter50

While the #BDTwitter100 is good, and serves its purpose well, it is generally geared towards the wider industry, and pays only lip-service to students and our needs.

That is why we’ve opened nominations for the 2013 #TheASNTwitter50. Nominate those users you enjoy (dis)agreeing with, find useful during your professional experience or are talking about the issues that concern you the most. These could be architects, students, construction professionals or even your local community group who have supported you through your education.

Send your nominations to @the_ASN using #TheASNTwitter50 by midnight on Friday 29th March (Good Friday), with the aim to have results out by the end of the long weekend. We’ll also compile the top 50 into an easy to follow list.

We’ll try and be as un-subjective as possible, but we’ll try to group them into common themes as they emerge, for example: users talking about part 3 issues, offering technical tutorials or advice, architectural technicians, coders, educators, et cetera.

DE Magazine have kindly offered a year subscription to the users in the overall Top 10.


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