Workshop A
The value of Part 1, 2 and 3. (Current)
What’s been your experience so far?
Does it work? Merits? Pitfalls?
Would you change it?
What do you think of its length and content covered?

Workshop B
A flexible education system (Aspirations)
What do we want from our education?
Flexible routes into education
How do we want to be taught?
Portfolio requirements?

Workshop C
5+0 or 4+2? (Legislation)
When would you like your practical experience?
Pro’s and con’s of each route
How does our education compare to other countries?

Workshop D
Bridging links between academia and practice (Aspirations)
Employability support during academia.
What links do we want with practice?
Visiting tutors during crits/reviews/studio
Live Projects? Project Offices? Technical reviews?

Workshop E
Where will the profession be in 2020? (The future)
How will architecture be taught in the future?
Digital technologies?

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