Collaborating Across Borders- ASN Sheffield 2016

The University of Sheffield is hosting an ASN Conference where students will discuss the challenges architecture students face in a globalised world.
What are the barriers to international students within the architectural education?

How can students benefit from a Europe-based education?

Cultural differences and language barriers – how do these effect collaboration between students and how to overcome these barriers?


Collaborating Across Borders ASN Sheffield 2016

The ASN will be running a morning session at Radical Pedagogies Symposium on 4th June 2015, London, CASS School of Art!

Event's Poster

Event’s Poster

The ASN have been invited by Harriet Harris and Daisy Froud to lead a special ASN student-only morning session focussing upon generating a students manifesto for architectural education.

This is part of the one day symposium they are hosting on the launch of their new book – Radical Pedagogies: Architectural education & the British Tradition.

This manifesto will be used to inform the evening panel debate on future models. The event will be captured in pod-casts, articles, illustrations and a special edition of the Oxford School of Architecture magazine.

Date: Thursday 1st June 2015
Time: 10:30 – 13:00
Venue: CASS, 59-63 Whitechapel High St, E1 7PE London

Places are limited so please confirm your attendance by booking at the link below under the student category:

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  Do spread the word with anyone else you’d like to invite. If you aren’t able to attend the event and would like to contribute, send us an email or tweet @The_ASN


“A one day event of moderated discussion and debate.”
Manchester School of Architecture
Tuesday 28th May

10:00 – 16:00 ASN @ MSSA (including lunch)
17:30 Before You’re 30

On the 28th of May 2013 the Manchester Society of Student Architects (MSSA) is hosting The Architecture Students Network (The ASN).

The meeting will be the ASN’s first event since the successful ASN Forum in February, but where the Forum brought the issues of students before the establishment (one immediate result being the cessation of unpaid internships at Dezeen), this event will be a round table meeting of students from around the country.

It’s very rare that this happens in UK architecture education. It is the opportunity for the 12,000+ strong architecture student community to come together, to share views, discuss, and to strategise. To get the debate rolling, the day will focus on the double question: Where is architecture [both education and the profession] going, and what power is there in students to define it?

What is it about architecture that you want the ASN to be talking about? What are the issues that will define your career? Do you want to head up a ASN working group to take these issues further? This event will shape the agenda of the ASN for the next 12 months, with attendees defining upcoming events. All discussions and output on the day will be reviewed for the Architects Journal.

Attendees will also be special guests for the final Before You’re 30 lectures.

Attendance is FREE. Please register your interest by emailing . More information on the event and travel will follow for those who do.

Travel costs – The ASN has requested that your head of school pays for the transport for up to two students. Get in touch with them as to how to claim this back. Most will be very supportive, it’s in their interest to have students actively engaged in their education.