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The Architecture Students Network (TheASN) is an independent network of student representatives from schools of architecture within the United Kingdom. The aims of the network are to work to support and promote architecture student events, harness student opinion, and engage with other established, relevant educational organisations both nationally and internationally.

General information

The Manchester School of Architecture (msa) hosted an inaugural meeting on Monday 20th June 2011 under the provisional title ‘Architecture Students Assembly’ (ASA). Since renamed the Architecture Students Network (ASN), the meeting brought together students representatives from schools of architecture within the United Kingdom to discuss a new student network. The first meeting and the network was part of the easa010 legacy and has grown from a generally shared desire for the establishment of a viable network that promotes communication between students in UK schools.The inaugural conference promoted the idea of ASN as essentially a communication network that could to support and promote architecture student events, have the capacity to harness student opinion and to engage with other established, relevant, education organisations, both nationally and internationally. At this event delegates assumed the role of representatives and will have opportunity to formulate this student centred and led organisation.

Support from the Manchester School of Architecture is available via the role of a paid ASN Adminstrator to ensure the durability of the network by maintaining an up to date database of student representative contact details for each school.The initial development and organisation has been undertaken by people involved with easa010. The network has expanded since then to include representatives from across the country.

Who we work with

We work with The Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture (SCHOSA) in raising student issues and sit on the RIBA’s Equality and Diversity Comittee Architects for Change promoting equality and diversity in academia and practice.

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